C++ Driving Autonomous cars

C++ Driving Autonomous cars

Building autonomous vehicles is a challenging task that combines a wide range of engineering and computer science disciplines. To be able to contribute to a team involved in the self-driving cars, you would have to constantly be updating, learning and exploring new technologies. Relentless inquisitiveness and strong self-discipline for solving hard problems would be an asset to achieve your dreams.

 Most of the companies work with specific technologies and techniques to build their systems and often prefer candidates who already possess similar experiences and skills. Knowledge of programming in C++ is a highly sought attribute for companies involved in the development of autonomous driving cars.  Autonomous Driving Car Experts use C/C++ to squeeze as much speed out of the machine as possible. Since performance is crucial for any code running on a real-time system, it is obligatory to use a language that can be compiled into machine code for an accelerated output.

The evolution of ADAS is the harbinger, which is driving the automotive industry to switch from C to C++. Alongside, the safety-critical nature of ADAS solution increases the need to validate the ability of compilers to correctly compile these larger and more complex applications. C++ is a good choice because it has inherent advantages over C when it comes to structuring the large projects, while it maintains C’s advantages of speed, real-time behavior and architecture portability. That’s why the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, introduced in 2017, includes programming guidelines for C++.

 Overview of C++ language: -

  • Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++in 1979 at Bell Labs in New Jersey. It is an enhancement to the C language. The most imperative while learning C++ is focus on concepts. The prime purpose of C++ programming was to add object orientation to the C programming language, which is in itself one of the most powerful programming languages.

  • The purpose of learning a programming language is to become a better programmer; that is, to become more effective at designing and implementing new systems and at maintaining old ones.

  • C++ supports a variety of programming styles e.g. Fortran, C, Smalltalk, etc. The crux lies in the fact that each style can achieve its intentions successfully while upholding the runtime and space efficiency.

  • C++ being an object-oriented Language, while designing C++ modules, one tries to see the whole world in the form of objects. For example, a car is an object which has certain properties such as color, number of doors, and the like. It also has certain methods such as accelerate, brake, and so on.

 Use of C++ :--

  • C++ is most widely used by programmers in essentially in the realm of every application.

  • Device drivers and other software that rely on direct manipulation of hardware under real-time constraints could be effectively written using C++.

  • C++ is widely used for teaching and research, because of its utility in various fields its essential to teach the basic concepts

  • Users of Apple Macintosh or a PC running Windows has indirectly used C++ since the primary user interfaces of these systems are written in C++.

Knowledge of C++ is opening a plethora of opportunities in Autonomous Driving Cars for Engineers. So, if you have a background of Autonomous Driving cars and an interest in working with Autonomous cars, you are in, for good news! On the skill’s front, autonomous vehicle companies are mostly looking to hire software engineers with experience in C/C++, Python, image processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To understand more about the opportunities for C++ developers in the field of Autonomous Driving Cars, please feel free to connect or pm me.