Executive Search

Sharply focused on talent needs of the technology and digital enterprises, we offer best in class expertise, coupled with deep local market knowledge and unmatched connections with the people and organisations that matter in our chosen geographies globally.


Being a technology focused boutique player, we manage limited number of engagements, developing in-depth understanding of the customer business and providing best in class expertise, coupled with strong local market knowledge and intuition built over decades of experience in the industry. Each relationship is owned by a carefully selected industry veteran and is customised to unique needs of every client. This focus on building trust based long term and deep partnerships with our customers helps us gain excellent understanding of their search requirements and sets us apart from the competition.

Here’s what we bring to the table -

  • Outstanding research capabilities and access to global talent pool.
  • Thorough assessment methodology
  • Services covering identification of the candidates through final negotiations.
  • Deep client focus 
  • A  small tech savvy team with startup attitude bringing agility to your assignments


We are equally focused towards needs of the candidates and engage with a large network of professionals proactively, who trust us for feedback, unbiased career advise and exchange of industry information. Over the years, we have amassed a significant database of active and passive candidates that we can tap based on the client requirements.


Diversity in technology industry has been a big topic of interest in recent past. We help our clients in diversity audits and fulfilling gaps with high calibre candidates in the required positions.

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